Little, Brown Spring 2008 Preview: Day Two

So we're on Day Two and Editor Two of last Wednesday's Little, Brown preview:

Next was Alvina, who of course has her own blog as well. She started out of the gate with Sergio Makes a Splash, written and illustrated by Edel Rodriguez, who also illustrated Oye, Celia! This is the first book that Rodriguez has written; it features a penguin who is scared to go swimming. The colors are very simple with a retro feel, and it’ll be a great storytime book (I asked Alvina if I could just take it to the library now). Another Sergio book is in the works.

Alvina also mentioned The Postcard by Tony Abbott (of Firegirl and Secrets of Droon fame), describing it as “Carl Hiaasen meets Chasing Vermeer meets Holes.” Intriguing. But will it be boy-friendly? Let’s hope so.

Alvina also presented The Blue Stone by Jimmy Liao, which is originally published in Chinese. It’s full-color and has been cut down from the original 160 pages to 80 pages to make it marketable in the States. It’s being advertised as “all ages”, which is always met with skepticism (which I told Alvina). It really isn’t for the picture book crowd, though some kids may enjoy browsing the illustrations. It’s really ideal for older kids, and it’ll be a good graduation gift, as reflected in the subtitle being added: “A Journey Through Life.” (Note: I believe this is the cover the Chinese edition - the new version Alvina showed us had a slightly different design)

PUB DATES: Sergio – 5.08, The Postcard – 4.08, The Blue Stone – 4.08

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