Snow* and Best Books of 2007...already?!

Apparently I’m not the only one excited about the upcoming holidays and the end of 2007: PW has just released their Best Books of 2007 list. I was unsurprised to see some titles: At Night by Jonathan Bean is just a gimme, you know? The Invention of Hugo Cabret is on the list – gasp! We’re going to see it on every Best of 2007 list. And I got warm fuzzies when I saw Before I Die – a well-deserved spot on the list.

However, I was enormously dismayed not to see Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban on there. It was an exceptionally well-crafted novel: equal parts humor, poignancy, coming-of-age, and conflict. It was smart and it didn’t condescend. So what happened to it in the shuffle? Perhaps it’s too quiet, too endearing, too…something? And where – oh, for goodness sake, where! – was Let It Shine by Ashley Bryan?! That omission is glaring and I think some readers are going to have something to say about that. Like me.

Lastly, since when did “children’s fiction” become ages 7-18??? I missed that somewhere.

Thanks to Fuse #8 for the info.

EDIT: Kirkus also came out with their Best of 2007 list.

*Apparently the omnipotent weatherpeople are forecasting possible snow showers this weekend for the NYC Metro area. Mwah?!

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