Squid ink is easy to work with, right?

Oh, yeah, remember I promised to share my cooking failures with you? Here we go:

This is fitting because it was a recipe from Cook with Jamie (see post below): Black angel tagliarini. Which is basically black spaghetti with scallops. Jamie told me I needed to add squid ink to the eggs during the fresh-pasta-making-process...or just buy dried black spaghetti. Okay.

Well, I'm in Chelsea Market a couple weeks ago and find packets of squid ink. Hey! I know what I can do! I can get fresh, already-made pasta and just add the squid ink to it before I cook it! Isn't that strange that Jamie didn't mention I could do that? Yeah, well, this is why you can't:

That is the pasta in a bowl after I've rubbed squid ink all over it and dyed my hands black (it washed off easily, except for my cuticles - this alarmed me...if it came off my hands so easily, wouldn't it come off the pasta easily too?).

And here's what happened when I put it in the boiling water - all the ink came off and made the water turn black. Yummy!

And here was the result. Notice the black pasta in the picture? Now see my pasta? Yep, nothing alike. And you can't see it terribly well here, but the pasta was a weird grey color...kind of like my cuticles were for the next four days.

The important thing? I dared to experiment and risked failure. Or something inspirational like that. No, I'm just happy that I was able to laugh it off, have an unexpected adventure in the kitchen, and - weird color aside - still create an entirely edible meal. Cheers!

NOTE: Do you know how long it took me to format this post??? Does Blogger HATE me????

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Anali said...

All the blogging platforms I have tried (Blogger and Wordpress, I'm not THAT experienced) are always bitchy when you want to format pictures. I've given up, for the most part, trying to have a decent layout with pics.