YAY! Finally! Last week's NYT Dining Section

This is a late NYT Dining round-up, I know. But believe me, there wasn’t much to miss from last week’s paper (and by the time you read this I will have already bought this week’s section).

There was an article on fondue that sort of made me want to make some…but only sort of. Because here’s the thing: I loooove fondue. Hell, I love anything where cheese takes center stage. The problem is that I seem to lack any self-control when it comes to fondue, in particular. I just eat and eat and eat because it’s so darn good. And then I inevitably feel overstuffed, wishing I could just puke so I could feel better again. Too much information, perhaps. But nevertheless, when I saw fondue featured on the front page of the Dining section, I inwardly groaned. No fondue for me, thanks.

Anyone want to fork over $20,000 for a fancy schmancy coffee maker???? Yeah, me neither. But that’s how much this one costs and there are a couple of places in NYC that have one of these Mr. Coffees. Part of me is incredibly intrigued…but the more prudent part of me suspects it’s all pretentious mumbo jumbo. I have no other choice than to seek one of these places out and give it a try.

The best part of the section was the small corner dedicated to letters from readers. Needless to say, people were fired up over Jamie Oliver’s TV stunt that I blogged about last week. Most of the letters hit home for me, but I loved this one, in particular, who praised the likes of Jamie Oliver and Dan Barber for bringing this issue to the forefront:

“…No less aggravating are the dainty eaters leaving piles of sea scallops (overfished) or steak on their plates because they ‘don’t like leftovers.’ With our environment in a state of peril, we must stop subtracting our conscience from the food chain. If we acknowledge the lives and deaths of the animals we eat, perhaps we will eat fewer animals to the benefit of our bodies, our souls, the animals and the environment we all inhabit” – Mary Hammett (NY)

Again, I find myself in awe of those more articulate than I am. The letters were really wonderful.

And a nice little transition from there is some restaurant in NYC, Hakata Tonton, that serves only pigs’ feet. Seriously. Don’t want to go there? Then they have pig’s ear salad or calf liver sashimi.

Bon appétit!

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