'Tis the season of Union Square!

This is the first chance I've had to blog about this but last weekend was just awash in loveliness. It was the first sunny weekend NYC had seen in ages: 70s and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. We got going early - out of the house by 9 - and ate bagels on the subway to Union Square. And you can see the gorgeousness with which we were greeted. Radishes! Rhubarb! Herbs!Walnut cranberry bread! And what about those peppers, you say? Well, Adam took that photo alone...I have no idea where the kiddo and I were. We get home and I'm looking through the photos and I see the pepper one. I say, "There were peppers?!" Adam grins, "Yeah, cool picture, huh?" I say, "And you didn't buy any??????" At that moment, Adam realizes his grave mistake. Alas! The peppers that could not be Mine. But that is the joy of spring and summer - so many more opportunities to come!

And to finish this post, I'm going to break my own unwritten rule: don't post pictures of you and/or your family. Mostly because I'd like to keep my blog somewhat professional. However, Adam snapped this picky while I was showing Isabell how to smell herbs: rub the leaves gently between your fingers to get the oils going and smell your fingertips. He captured a young foodie in the making!

Oh, and one more food-related tidbit: for the next three Saturdays I'm taking Cooking 101 at the Institute of Culinary Education! More cooking classes! Huzzah!!!!

Eat, drink, and bask in the sun.

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Anonymous said...

Is that really a cardinal rule? I was thinking how approachable this blog is (well, especially approachable) because there's a personal connection with the photo there. I am at the farmer's market with you, crunching sage between my fingers..