Yep. She went there.

My 7-year-old daughter was reading a book two nights ago. As part of her homework, she has to read 20 minutes a night. Which is a challenge for the energetic Kiddo.

Kiddo: [cry of exasperation] I hate reading! It's BORING!

I took a beat where I tried not to feel like a failure as a mother and a librarian.

Me: The only reason you think it's boring is because you haven't found the right book yet. That's why you have to keep reading. So you can find that one special, completely awesome book that is anything but boring.

Good recovery! But how did she take it?

Kiddo: [shrugs] Maybe.

And she kept reading her book. Or at least continued staring blankly at the pages.

Frequently, when I tell people I'm a librarian, I hear, "Your daughter must be such a great reader." I hereby vow that the next person who says that to me is going to get a flick on their forehead.


Nicole said...

Oh dear! While I am not a librarian... I have always been such a book lover and fear this conversation from my children....

The good news is, my sister, who probably NEVER read a book in her life until after college now has a book club and reads a fair amount!

Anonymous said...

I'm a writer. One of my kids loves to read and one hates to, except for a book called In Ned's Head, which he's read about 10 times. Can you librarians recommend anything similar?