All I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned from Georgia Nicolson

Adam: I don’t understand the whole idea behind making high school girls wear those uniforms.  I feel kind of sorry for them, waiting for the subway and standing in the cold with those super short skirts on.

Me: The girls roll up the skirts so they’ll be shorter.

Adam: What?

Me: Yeah, I learned it in my Georgia Nicolson series.  Apparently the girls roll the skirts at the waist so they’ll be shorter while they’re out in public.  Once they get to school they have to unroll the skirts.

Adam: Really?  Huh. 

There you go.  And who says Louise Rennison’s series is fluff?  Not me.  Being able to spew useless tidbits of information is a Life Skill, people.

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Mari Hunt said...

Thanks! I love those little details. I'm a fan of Louise Rennison. I'll put Georgia Nicolson in my library queue.