My First Attempt at a Souffle

I've never made a souffle before.  So I attempted one today, specifically Ina Garten's Blue Cheese Souffle recipe from Barefoot in Paris.  Here is what happened:


To quote Adam: "These are the best scrambled eggs EVER."

So I have to keep working on it, I guess.  My suspicion is that I didn't beat the egg whites long enough?  And on the upside, the chenin blanc I chose paired really well with it...as did the Dogfish Head Red & White that Adam drank with it.

Eat, drink, and be thankful that scrambled eggs with Roquefort are awesome


Ellen said...

Hi, Laura! Oh, souffle is great. I make cheese souffle on a regular basis. I'll email you the recipe I use (it's my mom's). It is a basic recipe and you can add whatever you want to it. You're right - the secret is in beating the egg whites just the right amount.

BTW - I'm moving back to NYC. My b.f. is already there starting his new job and I'm coming out as soon as I sell my car! I'll let you know when I land.

Take care,
Ellen Greene

Anonymous said...

Shh.. I've never made a souffle before either! Well, now you have... so now I'm alone having not.

Unknown said...

Ah, Hilary. The thing is that it's debatable whether these "best scrambled eggs EVER" could be called a souffle. If it makes you feel better, I technically haven't made one yet. Now, once I make a successful one, then you can be all alone-y.

ELLEN!!!! I've been dying to know what's going on with you, but I only had your Harcourt info. And I don't have any contact info for anyone else at HM-Harcourt. Email me so we can catch up!

Nicole said...

I made chocolate souffle ages and ages ago. I think it came out okay. I did a goat cheese souffle not too long ago. It was just okay. I do want to do another cheese souffle soon. Thanks for reminding me.

Mari Hunt said...

Oooo... that sounds delicious. I'm a little afraid of Ina Garten though. She lives in a butter and half-and-half world. That's a dangerous world in my gene pool. But her books make me drool.