Geeked up much?

So I'm nearly certain I'm going to have the chance to meet Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page tomorrow night (Tuesday night), as I've been told by my awesome publicist friend H- that they'll be on the Upper West Side to discuss their books.  And I'm willing to trek more than an hour from Queens to get to them.

Not sure what I'm talking about?  I mention them here, here, and here.  Oh, and you may have read their column in a rag called The Washington Post: here is their latest column, among others.  No?  Well then, try their books: Becoming a Chef, What to Drink with What You Eat, and the new one The Flavor Bible.  If you appreciate an accessible approach to food and wine, then you need to know about them.

In anticipation, I'm already chanting to myself: "Be cool, Laura.  You can do this!  They're just normal people.  Just like anyone else."  Because I'm the biggest geek in the world who tends to turn incoherent around people I admire.  

Eat, drink, and move to a city where people like this are around all the time!

NOTE: Click on their names above, and you'll get to Karen and Andrew's website.  They have a fantastic blog but, I'll warn you, it's difficult to slog through and I can't link to a single entry.  A ways down the page, there is a great post about a signing they did at Hastings Farmers Market.  Pasquale Le Draoulec, the director of the market, is quoted as saying: "People are craving community and turning to Facebook, while we've created the real thing right here at the Hastings Farmers Market."  I found that to be incredibly poignant, particularly since I have spent about an hour tooling around Facebook tonight, rather than interacting with real people...

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