My Addictions: Food-related books and the Luxe series

Kirkus has published a review for yet another foodie book for kids: Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a Pie by Robbin Gourley (Clarion, 2009). I look forward to any book where the reviewer says: “A mouthwatering morsel that should come with the warning to eat before reading.” Between this book and Kitchen Dance, it looks like Clarion is on the foodie bandwagon. So now I need to figure out why Clarion is one of the few publishers who don’t send me review copies. Dammit! I keep pimping these books and I haven’t seen them yet!*

In other children’s literature news, I am officially the last librarian in this country who has not read The Underneath by Kathi Appelt. You hadn’t heard that news? Well, I am. Which means I’ll probably feel like a real arse tonight if it wins the National Book Award. Why couldn’t Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson have been nominated? Or Rumors by Anna Godbersen? The fluff I read never gets awards, alas.

Speaking of Rumors, when-oh-when will I get my itching hands on a copy of Envy, Godbersen’s upcoming entry in the Luxe series? Elizabeth must triumph over that evil Penelope…

And now I have done a fine job of illustrating why I never seem to find (or make) time for the lovely award winners.

* Actually, I see that Amazon now has the "Look Inside" feature available for Kitchen Dance, which wasn't there when I previously posted about the book.


Stasia D said...

I heart the Luxe as well. Starting with the gorg covers, and all the way through. I refuse to apologize for it! : )

Unknown said...

Oh, heavens! No need to apologize here, Stacy! This is a Luxe-friendly zone. Where Gossip Girls feels like an endless commercial, The Luxe is delicious and indulgent...and so old-school, old-money New York. Are teen girls even aware they're reading historical fiction????

Hi, my name is Laura. I'm addicted to The Luxe.

Sondra Santos LaBrie said...


What's your opinion of writer Marlena De Blasi? I've only read A Thousand Days in Venice, but thought of you since her book includes some fantastic recipes.