Obama fan? Definitely, except for his crappy taste in beer...

Check out Endless Simmer's rant against President Obama's "beer summit."

The Husband hasn't seen any of this yet and I'm debating whether I should point this out to him at all: he's going to have a coronary when he finds out not a single Dogfish Head was on the table.

Eat, drink, and question the President's sense of quality and craftsmanship.


Kristin Cashore said...

Ugh! That's terrible!

(And now, back to my Ithaca Beer Co. Apricot Wheat Ale...)

Unknown said...

As you know I am not an Obama fan at all and think this whole "beer summit" thing is beyond "Stupid", however, wanted to note that Budweiser is no longer owned by Anheuser-Busch is was purchased by a Belgian Brewer named InBev. Shocked that Adam did not have Dogfish Head delivered.