Guest post: Don't judge a burger by its cover

Well hello again. Long time no see. I know it has been a while since I guest posted for the lovely wife, but today there is this:

What is it? A hamburger? Well yes.....sort of. Even at the Goog, there are days when you just....get bored. I guess the same is true for the pastry chef, because today, she gave us this little gem.

What you see here is a dessert burger. A sweet roll as the bun, raspberry and simple syrup for ketchup, green coconut for lettuce, chocolate brownie for the patty, and whipped cream for the mayo. A sight to behold indeed. What could possibly go wrong with this concoction? Too much! Too much! Now as a disclaimer here, I am not a big "sweets" guy. No sugar in the coffee, no mixer in the whiskey, no chaser to the tequila. This thing was like stuffing a Care Bear into a My Little Pony, dipping them in Magic Shell, then rolling it in Pride Rainbow sprinkles. TOO SWEET. I had one bite just to say that I did.

But hey, at least it looked cool.

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