Embarking on yet another adventure


It’s a gorgeous, breezy, sunny day here in NYC, and guess who has the day off work. And why do I always make you guys guess? Well, I have the day off work. I wasn’t initially sure if I should share why I have the day off….but then I said, “What the hell!” I’m going to an information session today for NYU’s Masters in Food Studies program! I know, it’s not really that big of a deal. I mean, it’s not like I’ve actually applied or anything. But still… This is an important step for me.

So I’m just hanging in the apartment, dressed up all fab, waiting until it’s time to go. I’m incredibly nervous because 1) I’m concerned that I’ll find out I can’t keep working at the library 35 hours a week and do the Masters at the same time, thus killing the dream, and 2) I’m freaked that I’m going to be completely “over-chic’d”, meaning that I’ll be sitting in a room today with serious foodies, with people that have already completed culinary school, with people that have been published. And I’ll introduce myself and say, “Well, I’ve blogged about food for about 8 months – like every 3rd person in the world – and…um…well, I’m really passionate about food.” That’s about all I have to recommend me at this point. That and I’m incredibly scrappy and persistent. But I can’t very well tell people that today, can I?

The good thing, though, is that the info session is over at 2 p.m. Which means I’m heading to Union Square for a couple hours before picking up the kiddo after school. Can’t wait to pick out something deliciously adventurous to eat! And it’ll certainly help me recover from whatever goes down at NYU.


Anonymous said...

Master's in Food Studies sounds awesome. Have fun! I think one could work 35 hours a week and still attend. Just don't stack up too many classes at once.

You can go to the Green Market at Union Square this a.m., too! I took 3/4 of 1 class in an NYU MA program before, er, dropping out. Loved the class; didn't want to write the paper.

Nicole said...

That sounds so exciting! I am jealous. Living in NY must be so amazing. I need to make arrangements for May when I will be showcasing at the Stationery show for the first time. I am so nervous. Unfortunately I do not think I will have much time to play in the city though.

Anali said...

I'm sure the "passionate about food" part is the part that matters.

Unknown said...

Hey, Anali, having been to the information session now, I know you're right: the passion is what matters. It's like I've found my people!

It all comes down to those damn papers, right, Susan? One of these days I'm going to make it to NYPL's lit cafe and I will meet you, by god! (FYI, I'm reading an ARC right now I think you'd like, Heirloom by Tim Stark, which is about a guy who left Brooklyn to grow tomatoes in PA...and makes a killing selling his heirlooms at Union Square in August. So far, a very satisfying read)

Nicole! How could you not make time for the city?! And in May?! Email me closer to the date and maybe we can meet up to talk about all things food- and blog- related!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much Laura! I would love to get together and talk food and blog. I have a feeling I could learn a lot from you. I will email you when the date is closer.

The reason I may not have much time for the city is 2 and nearly 4! I have never been away from the kids for more than a matter of hours. Plus my husband either has to take off of work (without pay) to watch them or I have to hire someone. My mother is coming with me to NY to help with the show. I have to have help and she is the right price! All the money is being spent trying to get my little company off the ground.

I will keep you posted in May!!!