The One Where I Make Breakfast Sandwiches

Some of my favorite meals are the ones I come up with off-the-cuff, no premeditated planning, totally based on what I have in the kitchen. Which is funny because I’m actually a BIG planner. I feel lost without a plan. In the kitchen, though, I’ve become real comfortable with just throwing stuff together in a very unplanned way.

The husband has been out of town, which always leaves an interesting challenge to me because he normally deals with the kiddo while I fix dinner. So when he’s gone, I need to deal with the kiddo’s nightly routine…and avoid takeout and mac n’ cheese. I was at work on Thursday, pondering what the heck I was going to make us for dinner that night. Here was my thought process:

I’m tired of grilled cheese, but it’s the easiest. Is there a variation on it I can put together?

Crap, I don’t have any bread. Wait, I have those parbaked butter croissants in the freezer…

I bet that Taleggio would taste good melted on the croissants…with scrambled eggs! A breakfast sandwich!

Wait, what meat do I have? Hmmm…proscuitto! I can put that on mine! (The kiddo really can’t stand any meat…except Central Park hot dogs…and it’s debatable whether that’s meat or not)

And imagine my pleasure when I got home and discovered that I did in fact have all the ingredients…and I even had bacon in the fridge! Huzzah! So here’s what we had (forgive my totally unprofessional photos - I'm working on it...):

The kiddo declared it was the “best dinner ever, better than clams” and I didn’t realize how comfort food-esque this sort of meal is. Adam could go on trips more often – it forces me to be really creative and I have to admit I feel like a pretty rad person when I get home with the kiddo at 5:30, do her homework, get her a bath, put together dinners like this, and still get her in bed by 8:00 p.m. You can't see it, but I'm doing my Bad Ass dance right now.


Andrea V.J. said...

I know what you mean! I feel so cool when I throw together a good meal with what food we have in the house. Someday I wanna see your badass dance. Maybe after Queens wins the bookcart contest at ALA? ;)

Anali said...

yummmm, breakfast sandwiches. Looks awesome!