Dreaming of other places

I’ve linked to Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook here before, but I have to do it again. A couple days ago, Lucy talked about the 43 outdoor markets in Lyon, France alone. That’s just in Lyon! She’ll be spending the next few months visiting each of the markets and telling her readers about each one…including gooooorgeous photos. So she went to her first market and…wow. Just wow. Are you a Francophile? Are you tired of winter? Would you love to see breathless reverence for food in the U.S.? Get thee over to Lucy’s Kitchen and behold it all…or as Lucy likes to say, “Come visit!”

I also got a comment on MySpace from a friend of mine (hi, Amy!), beckoning me to the CIA campus (Culinary Institute of America) in Napa – she told me she went there for an open house…but gave me no more information than that (that’s right, Amy, I’m calling you out)! I know I have an unrealistic, idyllic vision in my head of how that all goes…nevertheless, California is totally calling me right now. I want to go to the CIA with Amy where, in my head, we leisurely learn how to cook from gentle, passionate, earthy chefs. Drinking a glass of wine in class, of course. Then I open my own cheese shop where you can also find some locally made breads, carefully selected cookbooks, and local olive oil and wines that will complement the cheeses. Because I’m guessing there probably isn’t a shop like that in Napa, right? Right? And I’ll have a house with some property – because those are easy to come by in Napa too – and I’ll have a small herb garden and some grapevines. You know, something like that.

Don’t mind me – it’s just the 20-degree weather talking.

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