Chipping away at Bloglines: the Kids' Edition

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that, even though I’m back from my ALA/California vacation adventure, my kiddo is not. The now-7-year-old darling stayed on with my parents for TEN MORE DAYS. Hence the low bloggage right now…I’m having too much fun with Adam. However, we’ve realized that, even though we are child-free for the moment, it does not mean we can successfully relive our glory days of staying out until 2 a.m. My head still hurts…

There are some California-related posts and photos coming. However, in the meantime, I’m catching up on my 300+ Bloglines posts. While some people (Anali…) are able to click “Mark all read”, I’m incapable. Thus, I have discovered some gems...even though they were written two weeks ago!

-- While I was gone, someone by the email handle “sophie4am” (who?) sent me this fantastic comic about the NYC subway system, created by Christoph Niemann (Police Cloud). He/she sent it to me as incentive to come back from Cali. You need to take a look, especially for all you NYC-philes. Fuse #8 and Read Roger also linked to it.

-- I love cemeteries and, thanks to Allison over at Shelftalker, I realize I’m not the only one (and her pictures are gorgeous). This might be worth the trek up to Boston…and I can finally go to Eric Carle’s museum while I’m up that way.
-- Everyone's all abuzz about Jill Lepore's article in The New Yorker, "The Lion and the Mouse." It's a fascinating article, not terribly sympathetic toward Anne Carroll Moore, but I particularly loved the cartoon at the beginning. Wonderful!

-- Chicken Spaghetti has an interesting post on Tasha Tudor’s obituary by Wall Street Journal’s Meghan Cox Gurdon. "Violently impressionistic” children’s illustrations are the vogue? Really? I wasn't aware of it... Overall, I was really put off by the grumpy, jaded tone of the tribute.

-- I feel all yucky and disappointed because I just read that Steven Page, of Barenaked Ladies, has been arrested on drug charges in upstate NY. But he just did an awesome children’s album! Was it just marijuana? Because I don’t find that a big deal. To quote Meg Ryan in French Kiss, “I mean, is marijuana really a narcotic? Come on.” Sadly, though, Page was reportedly with two women and there was marijuana and cocaine. Ugh. On one hand, I find myself naively thinking, “But what about the children?” On the other hand, I shrug and say, “What else do you expect from a band calling themselves Barenaked Ladies?”

More favorite blog posts and links coming up…all the food-related ones!

Eat, drink, and appreciate how long all this linking takes!

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