Tomi Ungerer in the Times

The New York Times has a very interesting article by Randy Kennedy about Tomi Ungerer and the reissues of his books in the States. Having met my fair share of authors and illustrators, I've been convinced that there are some out there that have no business having access to children. Likewise, there are many I have met who are rotten relating to adults but turn into big-hearted lovebugs around children. I would love to meet Tomi Ungerer and see if he fits into either of these categories. On that note, you also have the third category: Jon Scieszka.

I also find the debate about a children's author's "outside" interests intriguing and I don't really have an opinion formulated yet. I mean, Ungerer's politics and his interest in erotic cartoons affected (still affect?) his popularity in the States. Sound a little similar to a certain Orson Scott Card? Yep. Lots of similarities. I mean, if there are writers who are contributing to the children's literature canon, is it really for me to say what they do in other media outlets? I'm leaning toward "no." You know, when it comes down to the basics, I just want to read a really amazing story that kids will relate to, and I don't give a rat's arse what the author is creating outside of that gorgeous story. But still mulling it over...
Lastly, I think they liiiiiied to Tomi Ungerer: Times Square really is that Disney-fied. Let's hope the poor man doesn't fly over here to see it.

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Anonymous said...

I just learned this morning that Mr. Ungerer once did a program at our Jefferson Market branch and was very much the diva because his turnout was significantly less than what he'd had at Books of Wonder the night before. So. There you go.