Directions even I can understand!

Need a quickie snack?  Have last-minute dinner guests?  Just want a simple appetizer?  Look no further:

I cut up a baguette, which I always have on hand thanks to Fresh Direct's parbaked breads selection.  I didn't toast mine, mostly because Kiddo doesn't like "crunchy bread", but you could easily toast the bread beforehand.  Then I added fresh ricotta.  Don't have access to great-quality fresh ricotta?  Make your own!  I added a drizzle of my best extra-virgin olive oil as well as a sprinkling of my thick-as-honey best balsamic vinegar.  I finished it with salt, pepper, thyme, and parsley.  Seriously, that's it!  It just goes to show you that, if you use excellent quality ingredients, there's really very little you need to do to them.

Eat, drink, and don't be intimidated!

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Andrea V.J. said...

This is good with a layer of avocado, too! I'm making Homer Simposon gurgling noises just thinking about it.