Foodie Books for Kids: More baking fun!

A couple of new foodie books for kids are coming out in the next few months:

Yum, Yum: What Fun! by Mara Bergman, illustrated by Nick Maland (Greenwillow, Jan 2009)


Pastry School in Paris by Cindy Neuschwander, illustrated by Brian Langdo (Holt, May 2009).

I've also been doing some research for an article and came across How to Save Your Tail by Mary Hanson (originally published by Schwartz & Wade in 2007).  I remember putting it on a selection list for Queens librarians, but it still flew under my radar.  Very Ratatouille-esque.

Keep in mind I haven't read any of these titles so I'm not recommending them at this time.  But I don't think it's a coincidence that we're seeing so many new food-related books for kids at a time when feeding the world has become such a political (and trendy) topic.

NOTE: I apologize for the links to Amazon (I normally link to Powells or Strand) but Amazon was the only place I found artwork and the titles available.  Even the publishers' sites didn't have the artwork available!

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't so much a fan of How to Save Your Tail. The idea was cute but the narrative just didn't hold. :o(