Guest blogger alert!! The Husband is back!

Those of you that are regular readers of Pinot and Prose know that I periodically make a guest spot here.  And when I do, you can bet your bacon that the post is about food and not lit.  Speaking of bacon, as I often do, have I got a melt- in-your-mouth adventure to share.  Now I may not have a lot of friends, but I do have the right ones.  Who would that be?  Well…for starters, the Director of Food Services at the Goog.  Yeah, on the list of good people to know, he is near the top.  So here is my story:

As I walked into the café last Thursday around 1:00pm I was greeted by the smiling face of one Mr. K.  Now K always has this boyish look of delight when he has a little something special whipped up for his friends.  These dishes are never on the menu, and you can't ask for them at the grill.  These are the back room offerings that you only get by knowing the secret knock at the basement door.  So naturally, I was excited to see the smile. 

"What's cooking K?" I asked as the anticipation dripped off me like the green sweat in those Gatorade commercials.

"Feel like some bacon?" was the response.

Now this certainly makes humanity's all-time Stupidest Questions list, but I played along with his game of cat-and- mouse. 

"What do you have in mind?"

I wasn't ready for what he had in mind.  What he sent for was a work of culinary art.  The Mona Lisa of Bacon.  

"How about bacon pot roast?"

I of course responded that I would be into bacon dirt if he had it, and so he sent for the dish.

At this point I am not sure what you are thinking, but I was thinking pot roast wrapped in bacon or maybe pot roast stuffed with said bacon.  What I got was neither of these things.  What I got was this little piece of heaven (sorry for the quality as it is a cell phone picture and I was shaking with delight):


This, my friends, is an enormous piece of slab bacon, roasted for 6-ish hours in the oven and then topped with the most amazing sauce ever to bless a pork dish.  Those little bits you see floating around, yeah, that would be more bacon.  There was also a background quartet of garlic, shallots, onions, and spices that was something roughly equivalent to…sex.

K said something about the sauce base coming from boiling some pigs feet in a bath of white wine and….but at that point I had started eating and everything else sort of drifted away.  Each salty, smoky, fatty bite better than the last and I found all of my senses focused on this jewel before me.  The way I could smell a bit of campfire and butter, the way I could hear my teeth sliding through each creamy bite, even the way the little pools of fat floating on top seemed to spell out "I LOVE YOU TOO ADAM".

Given that this dish was about as rich as if Bill Gates and Warren Buffett got married, I was sharing with friends after about 6 bites.  It was at this point that they echoed my earlier sentiment, "I may not have a lot of friends, but I do have the right ones".


Anonymous said...

Good Lord man!!! You need to have those arteries checked ASAP. They have got to be clogged after that meal. I almost had a heart attack just looking at that dish.

Lisa said...

How can you not love a post where the tags are "google", "bacon" and "pork"?

We've got about a hundred cans of SPAM at our office, wonder what we could do with that?

Unknown said...

Mike - Actually, Adam's doctors are always impressed with how high his "good cholesterol" is, and they end up telling him that it "cancels out" his "bad cholesterol." Go figure.

Lisa, I'm totally going to blog about this: a couple weeks ago, the NYT business section had a whole article about how sales of Spam have skyrocketed during all the economic crap. Unfortunately, the article didn't include recipes...

Unknown said...

Um,somehow I posted under Kiddo's Gmail account...because she does, in fact, have her own email so she can write to the Grandparents.

So it was me posting earlier. In case you couldn't figure that out.