Chocolate Guinness Cake

Well, I may not bake but no one can say I don't still hook you guys up with the Good Stuff.

It's a little late for St. Patrick's Day (aka Amateur Drinking Day) but, nevertheless, I give you Chocolate Guinness Cake.

No one has actually baked anything for me since my last proposition (along with this subtle hint)and I'm starting to feel insecure: no one wants a bad-ass dinner made by yours truly? Need I remind you of Bacon Fest...again? Sheesh. If our financial system was still based on barter, all of you would be in deep trouble.

Eat, drink, and let them eat cake...with Guinness.


Anonymous said...

there's a guinness milkshake recipe i was reading on my flight from DC.. i'll find it!

Ellen said...

You might get lucky with some baked goods if I see you tonight. All the more reason to make it after your conference. ;)

Unknown said...

Amy, hook me up! I don't think blending a milkshake counts as baking...so I might have to bring myself to make something like that.