We have a winner!

Someone finally decided to shut me up - I had become such a whiner - and make me the salted chocolate cranberry cookies I was begging for!  

I met my friend Ellen (of Avec Sucre) this past Thursday night, and she presented me with a bag.  Naturally, given that Ellen is in publishing, I suspected that the bag was filled with books.  You publishing or library folk will understand: it's a matter of routine to exchange books when you get together with other people in the industry.

So imagine my delight and surprise when I found these in the bag:

As an added bonus, Ellen also included a huge slice of her homemade Irish soda bread.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it before it was gone - it was sweetened with honey and made savory with rye...an absolute luxury slathered with butter for breakfast.

The cookies are out-of-this-world: ultra-moist, ultra-rich, ultra-decadent.  Adam said, "I don't normally like fruit in my desserts...or chocolate...but these are incredible."  And he ate a second one.  Today he ate two more.  If you like your salty and sweet in a single serving, then this is the dessert for you.

So now I'm mulling over the feast I'm going to make for Ellen...I will no doubt include something with cilantro, as it's not every day that you find a kindred spirit in all things cilantro.

Eat, drink, and cheers to Ellen!

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Ellen said...

I'm so glad you liked the cookies. I really liked them, too. I am going to make a test batch of the sea salt caramel brownies this week. I'll let you know how they turn out and maybe you'll have them at that dinner you're planning . . . :)