San Antonio Regrets

I think I've made it clear to anyone who asks that, yes, my new job in publishing is kicking my arse...but it's doing so in the most challenging, most fulfilling way possible. I'm exhausted but I'm also engaged and enthralled by my new world.

One thing I do love is the travel. At least I do at this point (I'm only 7 months in so that could change eventually). For instance, in a month, I'll be at the Texas Library Association conference. I've never been to Texas, let alone San Antonio, and I'm so excited. I've heard Texan librarians are super friendly and super fun - many folks in publishing passionately declare that the TLA conference is their favorite all year. I'm stoked.

But then...

...I read my blogroll and Kitchn seems to be writing love letter after love letter to foodie haunts in San Antonio.

Like Tienda de Cocina, Melissa Guerra's shop.

Or the Pearl Farmers Market.

And guess what? I won't get to go to either of these places. Conferences do give me a chance to travel and go to great restaurants in the cities I'm visiting...but farmers' markets and pottery shops? Ha! Don't I wish!

So if you're Texan...or at least going to the TLA conference in April...stop by the booth and say hi. And tell me about all your fabulous San Antonian finds so that I might live vicariously through you and experience the city!

Eat, drink, and do it like a Texan!


Laura said...

I'm so glad to hear you're coming to TLA! See you there!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Sounds delicious! I want to go to Texas, too. I still remember yummy sopapillas in TX. Try to get some.

Stasia D said...

San Antonio was my first ALA. The riverwalk was a wonderful change from Montreal in January! Have fun!

Unknown said...

Laura! I'm so excited! I love your guys' blog - PLEASE come by the booth and introduce yourselves!

Or even if the rest of the Oops ladies aren't there, come by and say hi!

(And I think I might forever refer to all of you as the "Oops ladies"...because how fun is that?)

Unknown said...

Stacy, I know, right? I'm thinking that April in Texas might be just what the doctor ordered!

~ lg said...

yes yes yes ~ but know this ~ there happens to be a lovely pottery shop in the big apple. we'll make it an adventure when you're back from ten-gallon hat land