SLJ Battle of the Books: Love

Ooooh, Round 1 Match 3 was announced this morning, and I have to make note of Helen Frost's review: that is how a match is judged! And I confess that I haven't read either book...but her reasoning was just, well-thought-out, and intelligent. So much fun to read.

So today is a little different. I am sharing two quotes from Kristin Cashore's Fire*, both of which say a tremendous amount about love and relationships.

The first:

We're not lovers anymore, she thought at him. This is the thing I needed to tell you. The closer you get to me the harder you pull, and your grip is too tight. You hurt me with it. You love me so much you've forgotten how to be my friend. I miss my friend, she thought at him fiercely. I love my friend. We're through as lovers. Do you understand?

And the second:

You asked me once why I trust you. This is not the entire reason, but it's part. I believe you have shouldered a great deal of pain for the sake of other people. I believe you're as strong and as brave as anyone I've met or heard of. And wise and generous in the use of your power.

I love the first because it captures that part of romantic relationships that is so important: friendship first. And the second is such an amazing letter - who doesn't want someone reassuring you how brave and strong you are? And that they love you for being that? Seeing yourself through another's eyes...


I'm having a blast with BotB this year and I hope you're tuning in as well.

Game on!

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