Children's Day at the Four Seasons

I meant to blog this last week but didn't get the chance...

Josh Haner for the New York Times

The Four Seasons has a Children's Day where children eat free. And they're not ordering that chicken-fingers-and-french-fries-TGI Friday's kids' menu crap - this is the real deal. They order off the adult menu.

I have mixed feelings about this so I put it to you. Is this pretentious and precious and yuppy as all hell? Or is this a lovely way to teach our kids a sense of occasion and respect for dining out? A bit of both perhaps?

Eat, drink, and exclude the kids from fine dining?

NOTE: And to tie this all back to children's books, in 2009, Candlewick published Wiggens Learns His Manners at the Four Seasons Restaurant by Leslie McGuirk and Alex von Bidder. (von Bidder is the co-owner of the Four Seasons)

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Sparkina said...

I think this is a delightful way to get little Caitlin or Owen to eat and enjoy real food and learn deportment. They have to learn sometime and it's best to start them young.