Fill 'Er Up!

I don't know. What do you guys think? Is this all kinds of awesome...or a bit strange?

Ayman Oghanna for The New York Times

There's a kiosk in Chelsea Market called the Filling Station. And it's exactly what it sounds like: rows of olive oils and vinegars where you buy a bottle...and then you can return to refill it at a 10% discount. They also have salts and sugars treated similarly - they are sold in refillable containers.

Adam and I actually stopped by there (quickly) one night while we were on our way to the Biergarten at the Standard Hotel. It actually looked pretty cool. The thing I really liked about it was that next to each pump (is there another name I should call them by?) was a stack of tiny paper tasting cups and we were free to taste at will. Which reminded me of my beloved O & Co. where the purveyor wants to educate the customer as part of their business model.

We didn't have a chance to truly peruse, indulge, and enjoy - we had beer to get to! - but I'll definitely go back there. Adam works right across the street from Chelsea Market so it would be easy enough to get refills. And according to the blurb in the New York Times, the Filling Station is working on their license to sell beer. Which means growlers. Here is the conversation I foresee in our household -

Adam: I'm out of beers. Maybe I'll stop by Filling Station on my way home...
Laura: Faaabulous. And get me some olive oil while you're there!

[she ungracefully shoves an empty bottle into his hand]

Eat, drink, and kudos to yuppy green living.

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