We interrupt this program...

Well, this sucks. I finally feel like everything has calmed down post-ALA and post-summer-without-Bug...and my USB drive decides that it doesn't want to download any of my photos. Oy.

So, while I figure out what is going on, please dream about the fabulous wine and food photos coming up. They're heaven.

But you don't think I'm fixing the problem, do you? Of course not. This is the moment where I play the heroine, bat my eyes, and say, "ADAM! FIX THIS!" So while he's working on the issue, I'm watching my brand-new Absolutely Fabulous box set. And I must leave you with this:

Eat, drink, and look forward to the next time I see the Soul Twin.

Note: Again, for those that don't read me regularly, the Soul Twin is my best friend. And for better or for worse, this is kind of us.


BookChic said...

Thanks for commenting on my ALA recap! :) I know this is an older post, but the reason I picked this one to comment on was because I LOVE Absolutely Fabulous! I own all the DVDs and just love it. Jennifer Saunders is my hero. Do you watch any other Brit shows?

Unknown said...

Of course - and thanks for the shout-out to me! I'm glad I was able to send the book and only sorry that they weren't available at the conference.

Besides AbFab, I just got hooked on Coupling...but I suspect that is because I'm still mourning the loss of Friends in the U.S. Aren't they so similar to each other? Though the Brits are racier, of course... Are there other shows you'd recommend?