Thank god it's...


This is what Fridays are like in the Lutz household:

Any guesses what we're making?

Lillet on ice with a splash of seltzer and slices of lime


It's the one night a week we allow Bug to eat in front of the television. In fact, we call it Family Movie Night and we all have to compromise on something to watch. Lately, we all agree:

Eat, drink, and cheers to family!


Tarie Sabido said...

Cheers, Laura! =D

Stasia D said...

Gorgeous nachos!

Louise said...

What a lovely post. We do a Friday Movie Night at our house too. It's a wonderful tradition. We have never watched the Harry Potter movies as my son has always been oddly resistant, but maybe it's nearly time for it. We've seen just about every kids movie ever I think, although we just watched Old Yeller for the first time- I loved it, DH and son thought it too sad to watch again. We do home made pizza instead of nachos, but burritos might make a nice change. I've not heard of Lillet before. I've just googled it, and I must say I'm intrigued- I need to try that! Does it taste citrus? Anything like Cointreau? Do you like it year round or just in the summer on ice? It might be hard to get in small town Australia, but I'll certainly keep an eye out. I love France, and most things French and indeed was lucky enough to have an astounding two weeks in Paris this year. It would be nice to have another taste.