Sorry, everyone, for the delay in Ina posts!  On Wednesday we had the French Bistro Steaks with Provençal Butter, and here's how that turned out:

Then on Thursday, I finished the week out with the Pasta with Pecorino and Pepper:

I loved the steak dish.  The butter added such an interesting dimension: the flavor was salty and fishy, which cut the richness of the steak really well.  Ina called for a hanger steak, but all I could get was sirloin.  I adjusted the cooking time a bit and it turned out perfect.

The pasta was also fantastic in its simplicity.  The key is really to add LOTS of pecorino and pepper to keep it flavorful.  Ina calls for tagliatelle; however, I had Adam get fresh pasta from the Italian shop in Chelsea Market.  And he got pappardelle.  Which I thought, initially, was going to suck.  Again, I judge before I taste the results.  The pecorino and pepper is surprisingly rich so you definitely want a wider noodle to stand up to it - the pappardelle was a worthy opponent.  While Ina does call for dried noodles, I have to admit that I disagree with her here.  If you have access to good quality fresh noodles, go there first.  Even if you get pappardelle instead of tagliatelle.

Eat, drink, and...take a photography class.


Nicole said...

I need a photography class as well. The food looks delish!

Maggie said...

that pasta looks delightful. Might have to get myself some.

Unknown said...

Maggie, you should definitely try it, especially on those crazy weeknights when there isn't any time.

Ina recommends dry pasta...which I find weird since fresh pasta is available pretty widely these days. I always recommend fresh pasta if you can buy it or make it on your own.