Garden-Based Learning

I was in North Carolina this past weekend and had an interesting conversation about schools and teachers with the Soul Twin. Between my experiences with Bug in the public school system and the conversations the Soul Twin and I have had with teachers we know, I'm just feeling sad about the state of education. With the testing and the standardization and the pre-packaged curriculum, it seems teachers are left so little room, if any at all, for innovation or for tailoring their lesson plans for the individual needs of their students.

However, this morning Civil Eats had an inspiring blog post for me about garden-based learning (GBL). I think she is right on the money and it makes me feel so hopeful. I'm excited to get involved with projects like this and, once I get my culinary degree, I hope I can help out even more. Here are some links for you to peruse:

Life Lab Science Program

French Fry: Learning about Food in School

Garden-Based Learning, Dept. of Horticulture, Cornell Univ.

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

Collective Roots


And that is just a sampling of all the organizations and websites dedicated to garden-based learning - there is A LOT more available.

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