Julie & Julia trailer!

The trailer for Julie and Julia is out and, I must say, it looks way better than the book, though it should be noted that I liked the book more than most...it's just that Julie Powell's neuroses can be pretty grating by the end. I had my doubts about the movie, but I shouldn't have...especially considering La Streep.

Is it just me or is Amy Adams channeling early Cynthia Nixon in Sex and the City?

Thanks to Alice Q. Foodie for the info - this totally made my workday!


marjorie said...

and now you just made MY workday!!

that was a delicious trailer. maybe nora ephron has finally made another good movie! (how long has it been??) this looks like another Devil Wears Prada -- a movie that outshines the book it's based on b/c it wisely changes the book's emphasis from the callow and kind of annoying protagonist to the the seemingly formidable mentor who is not-so-coincidentally played by the awesome and extremely funny meryl streep.

loved that "my blog was optioned by showtime!" line. and lots of scene-stealing actresses in small parts in that trailer! again: promising!

btw, julie powell's essay in paula derrow's sex book Behind the Bedroom Door gave me a lot more sympathy for her. i will say no more.

Unknown said...

Marjorie, you're absolutely right, drawing the parallels between Devil Wears Prada and Julie & Julia - I hadn't thought of that. And no coincidence that Meryl Streep is associated with both.

I read that the movie isn't a straight version of Julie & Julia, which isn't surprising. That's why the preview is promoting it as "two true stories" because it is J & J combined with My Life in France, Julia Child's soooo wonderful autobiography. Which excites me because, obviously, I'm more intrigued by Julia Child's life story than Julie Powell's.

I'm so thrilled to see this! Now if only I could sneak in some really fabulously delicious food and drink into the theater with me...

Erin said...

I'm a so excited to see this!! Heart Meryl and Amy. :)