Food and kids' lit meet?

It’s not very often that my love of children’s literature and my love of food intermingle – the only example I can think of is the D.I.S.H. series where a group of young girls start a cooking group (though I won’t even get started on the newly reissued covers that are ridiculously YA and completely incongruous to the book’s audience).

So I was pleased while reading an ARC of The Quantum July by Ron King (Delacorte). Danny’s dad is a talented cook, and he’s making pancakes for his family in the shape of medieval weapons. And he also makes vegetables at dinner the shapes of woodland creatures. So when Dad is probed as to why weapons are appropriate for breakfast and forest animals for dinner, this is what Dad has to say:

“'Because, my son, dinner is about making peace with the day. But breakfast,' he said, dropping five or six pistachio bombs into the pan, 'is about preparing for it, and things might get ugly.'”

I love that. It makes me re-think my breakfasts…I’d love to work more power into my morning – attack the day with the foods I choose to eat. But incorporate softer, milder flavors into my evenings, making peace. Tonight we’re doing an enormous antipasti layout for a few guests…I think that’ll be perfect. Buffalo mozzarella with olive oil, fruity balsamic vinegar, lemon salt, and pepper is the perfect way to close a day and get to my Zen place. With a bottle of red, of course.

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