Manic Monday

What a fun morning in the blogosphere! Let’s get started!

  • There’s an article in the L.A. Times discussing why Stephenie Meyer’s books are so popular. It really hits the nail on the head (even discusses the series’ appeal for adult readers, like me…something about bodice-ripping?)…and it gave me the huge news that the next book will be the last in the series, which I hadn’t read anywhere else. I’m actually excited about that, as you may have guessed from my previous comments about Eclipse. I hardly think she’ll end it with Edward vampirizing Bella, do you? And is there anyone else – like me – that is beginning to sorta-kinda wish Bella would choose Jacob? Thanks to Big A little a for the link.
  • Penguin UK just won the Publisher of the Year at the British Book Awards and, to commemorate the occasion, they’re reissuing 36 current bestsellers in the retro Penguin paperback look. So. Cool. This makes me want to buy a copy, beat it all up (as all books with this kind of cover should be so that we know they’re well-loved), and get it all coffee-stained at some non-chain coffeehouse. Like The Governor’s Cup in Salem, Oregon. Oh, I miss the Governor’s Cup. These books feel like the types that should be read there.
  • Here’s another take on the whole people-not-reading thing. Which sums up my feelings on the matter as well. Sure, let’s be concerned about the literacy rate. But is all the alarm and Armageddon necessary? Or is that my vacuum-packed worldview getting in the way again? The iPod comment in this article made me snicker.
  • Everyone is buzzing about KT Horning starting her own blog so I’ll jump on board! In particular, she has a fantastic post about Louise Fitzhugh’s forever lost lesbian novel. Which we’re all dying to read because it’s…well…forever lost. But the best part? Roger Sutton made the hilarious comment that Fitzhugh looks like “James Dean’s love child” in the photo on Horning’s blog post. Why is that so hilarious? Because it’s dead-on right.
  • Speaking of Roger Sutton, he linked to a site with really inappropriate ads. Try – just try – not to laugh. You'll love it. But you'll feel guilty about it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Pinot. Just wanted to let you know the new issue of the New Yorker is all about food!

Unknown said...

Oooooooh! Thanks! This is GREAT! I'm laughing hysterically over the Adam Gopnik article - he is such a brilliant writer. Not to mention that I'm fascinated by the concept of trying to adopt "localism" as a personal philosophy in a city that makes that sort of living a challenge, to put it kindly.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Annie said...

Crap! I'm reading Eclipse right now and now I know what didn't happen at the end! I should stay away from your blog!

Laura said...

OH MY GOD, ANNIE! I'm soooo sorry! You're right - I didn't give a spoiler alert! Bad blogger protocol!!!!

Alexa said...

Ok, so I just informed one of our pages about the fourth book in the Twilight series, and she went ballistic. So thank you for that. Love the blog!