Miss Erin's Novel Challenge June 2008

I’ve been enjoying Miss Erin’s blog for a couple months now – her voice is fresh and friendly, and her posts have a lot of variety. So am I the only one who realized, when she posted about herself and her family, that she’s so darling…and so friggin young?! Wow. Puts my own life in perspective when I see a teenager with so much eloquence and with a successful blog to boot. On the upside, it helps restore my faith in America’s youth. I don’t know what her future plans entail, but I certainly hope an education and career in NYC are included in them...we need her!

To top it all off, she’s posted a Novel Challenge June 2008.
Aspiring writer? Then go check it out. I’m half-tempted to accept the challenge myself… As Miss Erin says, “We all have a novel somewhere inside of us.” Indeed, I do. But who has the time to actually write it???

Color me way impressed with Miss Erin.

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Erin said...

Well this absolutely made my day. Thank you so so much!

The possibility of school/life in NYC has definitely been on my radar...we'll see. :)