The One with the Recipe Reorg

For a couple years now I've been saving recipes from the Rachael Ray mag, Saveur, Bon Appétit, Food and Wine, and Cooking Light. I've been hole-punching them and dumping them all into a single 3-ring binder. Then when I try a recipe and like it, I mark it with a sticky tab. That's it. So there's been no organization, no point of reference, and messy sticky tabs cluttering it all up.

Well, no more. Check this out:

Now they're in three binders, alphabetically starting with Appetizers and ending with Vegetables. And it's difficult to tell from the photos, but I also bought a crapload of those plastic sleeves and when I try a recipe and decide it's a keeper, I'll put it one of the sleeves. Thus ridding my notebooks of the cluttery tabs. It looks all organized now, and now I'll actually have a prayer of finding what I want when I want it. And it wasn't without effort after three trips this weekend to Staples to get the supplies I needed...

I'm so pleased with my work that I'm going to pour myself a glass of the delectable Sauvignon Blanc I opened last night...


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