The One Where Fortune Cookies Amaze Me

So a couple weeks ago, HarperCollins had a shindig at Dylan’s Candy Bar to celebrate the release of The FactTracker by Jason Carter Eaton. Unfortunately, that was when I was in the middle of sick-me-sick-daughter-hell-on-earth so I was unable to go to the event. I told Elyse at HarperCollins that I couldn’t make it. End of story.

But wait, there’s more! I get a lovely little package in the mail today from Elyse. It’s a copy of the book with a nice note from her, and she included a goody bag with M&Ms printed with “Facttracker” on them. There were also four fortune cookies in individual packages: two plain, two chocolate. Hm. I’ve never had a chocolate fortune cookie! So I cracked it open and ate a piece.

Okay, wow. It was completely fresh and crispy and crunchy – the chocolate flavor wasn’t too sweet or cloying, and it was mild enough that I could still taste that typical vanilla fortune cookie flavor. And it was so light that I didn’t feel like I was being overindulgent.

But wait, there’s more! An hour later, I decide to try one of the plain ones. I take a bite, expecting that vanilla-with-a-touch-of-lemon flavor. But not here, nuh-uh. It’s coconut! There’s this earthy, creamy coconut flavor! With the same crispy lightness! And of course, I could still taste the vanilla. This was no ordinary fortune cookie – this was a truly special example of what a fortune cookie can be.

I once had someone tell me that they never ordered crème brulée because crème brulée always tastes the same. She said, “Even now, I can close my eyes and imagine the exact flavor and texture of it. There’s no need to ever eat it.” Naturally, I thought she was crazy. How many times have I ordered crème brulée and been bitterly disappointed at the lack of *crack* in the caramelized crust? Or took a bite of the custard and been surprised by the presence of orange zest? And I love, in particular, taking a spoonful of the custard and seeing those gorgeous specks of black vanilla bean. No, crème brulée is anything but boring and ordinary. And now I know the same is true for fortune cookies.

Need further proof that I haven’t lost my mind? Read this about fortune cookies from the NYT Dining section a few weeks ago.


Unknown said...

Hey Laura, glad you enjoyed the cookies! They're from http://www.fancyfortunecookies.com/

As fresh and delicious as they tasted, imagine how good they were when I bought them 11 years ago!

Best wishes,
Jason Eaton

Unknown said...

11 years ago? Really?! Ya don't say! Well, I can't imagine why the company hasn't made millions - the cookies tasted like they were made yesterday! Maybe they are making millions and I just don't know it...

Proof positive that being a librarian isn't where the big bucks are!