Community Gardens

When we moved to NYC two years ago, we got rid of our car. And I've never looked back.

However, sometimes you find lovely little niches and nooks when you're driving around, and this weekend was no exception.

We rented a ZipCar so that we could go to Home Depot and stock up on pots, soil, and herbs for our balcony (more on that later). On our way, I discovered that we have a community garden down the street from us: Project Eden!

The bad thing about the car? There was no way to pull over and explore. If we had been on foot, I could have checked it out. But I'll be going back in the future so look for a report in the coming months...

Eat, drink, and explore your local communities - you never know what you'll find!

Note: Further research shows that my community garden was actually started around 1992!

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