Heirloom Tomato Tartlet update

So I made the darn tartlets. Why "darn"? Because they were less than ideal. I didn't have heirloom tomatoes available to me, for one thing. And I think I really messed up the puff pastry - I didn't curve it up and around the tomato. So they looked kinda funny. Here are the pics (eat your heart out, Gillian and Travel Boy):

So you can see in the first photo that I didn't get them curved up around enough. But then I had too much puff pastry in the second photo and curved up too much.

The important thing, though? They tasted amazing. The tomatoes cooked just enough to make them incredibly sweet, and the pastry was really light and crispy. I served them with Patricia Wells' walnut/goat cheese/parsley salad. It was an ideal summer meal - light and satisfying. (Note: FYI - no one ate the weird, morphed tartlet below- it's like an enormous amoeba was trying to eat that tomato! How weird. Instead, Adam thought we might actually eat it later. So it's actually been sitting in our fridge for 3 days. God. Any of you tomato lovers out there will know exactly how disgusting this is.)

And for anyone wondering if I actually talk about children's literature anymore (I don't on Wednesdays anyway), I'll post a review of Gennifer Choldenko's If a Tree Fell at Lunch Period tomorrow. Happy?

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fusenumber8 said...

Mmm. Look tasty to me. But then, you slap a slice of tomato on anything and I get hungry. I'm like Pavlov's dog.