Turn, Turn, Turn

Anyone out there who blogs can confirm if this is true of all bloggers…or if it’s just me…but this is the first time I’m writing because I feel I should, even though I don’t really want to at all. What is that?!

I suppose it’s my case of the blahs. I’m tired of summer. I want autumn here NOW. I want changing leaves, thick sweaters, fennel, potatoes, butternut squash ravioli, apples, hot chocolate, songwriter-based music, cozy books, cozy blankets, thick socks. I’m just over summer, you know?

I read about 100 pages into Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer yesterday, but I pulled out the bookmark and I’m putting the book on the shelf for a little bit. I love the Bella/Edward books, I do. But I’m just not in the right place for Eclipse right now. Bella called Edward her “personal miracle” at one point and I audibly snorted with cynical, bitter laughter. Clearly, I’m just not feeling it right now. And the worst thing to do is force-feed tragic teen romance down my own throat. So it’s on hold.

So instead I’m reading The House of Mondavi: the Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty by Julia Flynn Siler. That seems much more in line with my mood.

I just read about a new Cinderella book: Walt Disney’s Cinderella. It’s written by Cynthia Rylant and features the original concept art of Disney artist Mary Blair. I haven’t gotten a hold of the book yet, but Hyperion tells me one is on the way soon. I’m very excited.

Lastly, remember I had high hopes for Good Reads? Well, I don’t anymore. Twice now, I’ve put lots of books in my “to-read-children’s-ya” list. And twice now, the books have mysteriously been deleted from that list so that when I log back in, it shows I have 0 books to read there. What is going on?! It’s proving to be just as clunky and un-user-friendly as LibraryThing. Argh.

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