WHAT I'M COOKING: This Week's Menu

Choosing the menu for the week ahead is one of the most frustrating and rewarding things I do in my daily life. It’s frustrating because there’s so much to choose from, I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood for from day-to-day, and I don’t want to repeat too many of my favorite dishes. It’s tremendously satisfying, though, because I love browsing my cookbooks and magazine articles, finding the perfect recipe, and feeling totally triumphant. So here’s what’s ahead for the week*:

Sunday (last night): Grass-fed buffalo steaks with sautéed pearl onions and shallots; roasted red potatoes with sweet paprika butter (which is a Rachel Ray recipe…and I used smoked paprika instead of sweet).

Monday (tonight): Chorizo and scrambled egg breakfast tacos. (From some magazine…I don’t have the recipe in front of me. This recipe might as well be called Taste Explosion.)

Tuesday: Chicken and Peaches Platter. (From Real Simple, I believe. This is one of my favorites: rotisserie chicken, peaches, romaine lettuce, bleu cheese, and chopped almonds with a light vinaigrette…thrown together on a big platter. So easy!)

Wednesday: Mushroom and Cantal Cheese Tartine; salad. (The tartine recipe is from the Chocolate and Zucchini cookbook. Combined with a salad, it’s the ideal meal when it’s still summer but you’re longing for fall: light but still earthy.)

Happy eating, all! I always love hearing about what others are enjoying so feel free to tell me about amazing meals you’re serving up at your table.

* I use the term “week” loosely…I rarely shop that far ahead. I usually shop only 2-3 days in advance.


Unknown said...

And can I just say what a great food week it was? My personal fav for the week was the mushrooms last night. To die for.

Anonymous said...

oh my god.
that's it, i want to live with you.

Unknown said...

Pack up your bags, Amy. You know that you, Lees, and Ella can come live with us whenever you want!