Review?! What review?

Who was I kidding? Definitely not going to get around to that Gennifer Choldenko book review today. Perhaps tomorrow? In the meantime, though, here are a few morsels:

Courtesy of my American Libraries Direct email, the Australian government spent millions of dollars on internet filtering software and some 16-year-old kid broke through in about 30 minutes. I don’t know who this kid is, but he is one sharp cookie. Not so much because he broke through the filter – lots of 16-year-olds can do that sort of thing – but apparently he has been very vocal in telling the government that they were focusing on the wrong issues. The issue isn’t children seeing inappropriate content on the internet. The primary issue, he says, is cyber bullying and educating children on how to protect themselves and their privacy. Now what are the chances the government will listen?

Again, courtesy of my American Libraries Direct email, I found out that the fabulous Amsterdam Public Library that I blogged about in July was robbed. Now who the heck does that?! It’s a library! Access is free! No need to attack guards – just walk right in during normal operating hours, you schmucks.

Lastly, Horn Book has created a Labor Day booklist. I’ve never seen one before so this is a great unexpected resource. Thanks to Read Roger for the link.

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