WHAT I'M COOKING: This Week's Menu

My parents are coming into town tomorrow morning so my menu reflects that. My parents are actually the trickiest people to create a menu for. Why? Because I want to 1) create something really impressive so they’ll see how awesome I cook and that I’m not picky anymore, 2) create something that won’t take all my time so I can enjoy being with them, and 3) create something that will satisfy my ex-football-player dad’s appetite without breaking the bank. So here’s what I came up with:

FRIDAY: BLTs, herb salad, potato chips (local New York chips). I actually use brioche for my BLTs – I love the play of the sweet bread with the salty bacon. The sandwiches are really big, and my dad can eat lots of chips if he needs more food. I'll do a really simple vinaigrette for the salad because the herbs have all the flavor you would ever need.

SATURDAY: We actually got the sitter and we’re going out to eat. Yay!

SUNDAY: Tuna strips with espelette pepper (that’s the name of the recipe, but I don’t have espelette pepper so I use paprika), butter-warmed corn kernels with fresh cilantro (some friends reading this may recognize this recipe), chips and salsa. Yeah, the tuna is rather spendy, but it’s really good stuff and my parents like it rare. And we have the chips and salsa for my dad to munch on.

MONDAY: Spaghetti alla Carbonara; arugula, pine nut, and parmesan salad. The Carbonara is Tyler Florence’s recipe, and the salad is ridiculously simple. But the flavor is amazing. This is going to be a good dinner before the first day of school – all warm and home-y and comforting.

I don’t have any plans for dessert, which is fine. My dad doesn’t really have a sweet tooth – he’s a fan of all things salty and crunchy. And I know all I need to make my mom happy is good cheese and good chocolate. What a better world it would be if everyone realized that good cheese and good chocolate are what it’s all about!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are really creative! Your parents will be impressed and full. I'm impressed and full just reading the menu!