2010 ALA Midwinter Conference

Patty, my boss, warned me that the Midwinter conference would come screaming around the corner after NCTE, and she wasn't lyin'. My second conference since joining Harper is coming up this week, and I'm fired up. For one thing, ALA folks are my peeps, my friends. Second, having one conference under my belt, I have a better idea of what to expect when I get to the convention center (clue: endless boxes...go armed with a box cutter).

Here are some more reasons I'm excited to get up to Boston:
  • Three words: Megan. Whalen. Turner. As you may know, her next book, Conspiracy of Kings, is coming out this year (Apr 2010). While we're not having her sign in our booth, she will be doing a signing at Harvard Bookstore on Saturday, January 16th at 12:00 pm. See more details at Megan's website.

  • Foodie field trip! I'm going to score some sticky buns from Flour Bakery with Kayleigh (The Roaring 20s) on Friday morning!

  • The fab ladies of the HarperCollins Children's school & library marketing team (that would be Patty, Emilie, and yours truly) will be presenting titles for our upcoming 2010 spring and summer season. There will be food, there will be laughs, there will be FREE BOOKS. See our website for the full details. All are welcome, no need to RSVP. Be there or be square.

  • I love the Youth Media Awards. Love them. The anticipation, the surprises, the cheering, the crowds. I'll be there in person, but you can watch the live webcast here.

  • In addition to Flour Bakery, I'll also be eating at Hamersley's Bistro and, tentatively, Taberna de Haro. Anyone else have any must-eat recommendations in the downtown Boston area?

Again, if you're in the Boston area and/or will be at the conference, make sure to stop by and say hi (just like Monica did at NCTE)! I'll be in booth #1404, waiting for you with a smile and free books!

Eat, drink, and don't be shy!


Unknown said...

Monica! Instead of clicking "publish" on your comment, I accidentally clicked "reject"! Ack!

I'm sorry to hear you won't be at ALA - I'll miss saying hi to you at the booth!

Ellz said...

Wow that sounds great, now only if I lived closer. Well if you need a place for any leftover free books...

By the way, I was your secret santa, I went out of town and never had a chance to email. You were so hard to buy for, I wanted to get you fat witch brownies from NYC, but they wouldn't deliver without your phone. And then trying to pick books for someone who works for a publisher...eesh. LOL, the JTH books are worth the read. Hope you enjoyed them.

Ellz Readz

Erin said...

SO jealous re: Megan Whalen Turner!!!