Had too much fun...

…and forgot to use inovatorka at dinner last night. And I had lots of opportunities! The chef using crushed pistachios as a crust on the warm goat cheese? He’s an inovatorka! “Let’s go see Wolves in the Walls on stage!” Neil Gaiman? Certainly an inovatorka! A patron at my colleague’s library branch wears tight hot pink pants with a denim trenchcoat and recites poetry and talks about his “crazy Uncle Mo.” Now, he is an inovatorka.

Alas. Opportunity missed.


fusenumber8 said...

I'm serious about seeing The Wolves in the Walls, though. We must must must do this thing. Tell your friends.

Unknown said...

Absolutely. I am THERE.

Hey, I just got my announcement for NYPL's BookFest. Looking forward to it. Alas, as brilliant as Lois Lowry is, she won't have a room full of women (and men) crushing on her, like a certain Mr. MT Anderson. Swoooooon!