Tomato controversy!

Read one of my favorite sections of the NYT this morning: the Travel section (the Real Estate section makes my heart race too). The front page article, "Spain's Quiet Corner" by Sarah Wildman, has a fabulous quote by the movie-director-winemaker Jose Luis Cuerda:

"Wine is bottled time," he mused at one point. "It is a whole year encapsulated in a bottle. And that has something similar to cinema, which is also a simulation of bottled time."

God, if only we could all be so eloquent! Read the article. It'll make you want to hop a flight immediately to Galicia. Anyone care to join me?

The other thing is...well...I'm having a bit of a dilemma. In my last post I mentioned that I got some plum tomatoes from the little market down the street. Remember? Well, last night I was cutting them up and looking at the clamshell case they came in...And I discovered they were from HOLLAND! Holland!!!! Well, doesn't that just go against all the Farm Bill/local food/sustainable agriculture I've been spewing about since I started this blog! I was shocked! Holland?!?!

So here's the dilemma...

They were about the sweetest, juiciest, most decadent things I've ever eaten. They were like little pieces of candy. Some of the Best I Have Ever Had. On the one hand, I can't possibly boycott the things simply because they're not local and sustainable, can I? I mean, eating them was an experience. But on the other hand, shouldn't I boycott them? It's not responsible, it's not sustainable...why would I eat something that had to be flown in a plane to me? But they're soooooo gooooood. Anyone have thoughts on this? I'm conflicted.

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Anali said...

Hey! Glad you pointed me over here, I would never have known. Because, of course what I need more than anything is ANOTHER blog to subscribe to! :-)

Whole Foods has some pretty awesome heirloom tomatoes, local to Arizona. They are truly an experience. I feel so lucky to have a Whole Foods nearby.