Christmas Day menu

This Christmas Day it will be only Adam, Kiddo, and me.  If you knew both our extended families, you would know how strange this is going to feel – I’m so used to having lots of family around and lots of noise. 

Luckily, we have our urban family.  In particular, we have Lori and Josh.  They actually do have family in town for the holidays, but they have graciously invited us to join them for dinner on Christmas Day.  I feel completely blessed to have a chosen family with whom I can share my daily joys and trials…and with whom I share endless amounts of food.

 Josh is a skilled gourmand, and some of my favorite meals have been at his table.  So he’s putting in about twelve hours of cooking between tomorrow and Christmas Day to create a veritable feast for all of us.  Check out the menu:

String beans and pecans, roasted, tossed with goat cheese and dried cranberries
Roasted squash and sweet potato soup with blue cheese drizzle
Slow-roasted ham with brown sugar glaze
Homemade noodles
Roasted broccoli w/ garlic, lemon, and parmesan
Roasted new potatoes with rosemary and thyme
Mac 'n' cheese with shiitake and cremini mushrooms and truffle oil
Cranberry sauce

Apple pie
Lemon-meringue pie
Salty White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

We’re bringing two bottles of Rioja to drink with dinner, recommended by the trustworthy folks at Chelsea Wine Vault (I was thinking Pinot Noir or Côtes du Rhône…I was shocked when Adam came home with Rioja).  Adam is beer shopping at Whole Foods and he’ll bring a couple bottles that compliment the meal.  Kiddo…well, Kiddo is hopefully bringing her more adventurous eating personality.  The one that wolfs down smoked salmon and clams…rather than the one that won’t touch a speck of parsley.  Here’s hoping!

Happy holidays to all of you!  And the very best in 2009!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Fun to see your menu. We did an herby wine-soaked roast with creamed horseradish, mashed yukons with chives, sauteed brussels sprouts, salad with mache, apple, walnut and a cider vinaigrette, with a starter toast of cremant de loire, a sparkling wine that was just perfectly barely dry. It was a prepare-in-three-hours kind of meal, one that suited the family and our efforts to enjoy the day outside of the kitchen as well! I wish we could be your urban family. We would kick culinary ass together on major holidays. Adam and Lisa would burst with joy. Love you guys. Have a great 2009!!