Laura to the Rescue!

Today....today, I tried to single-handedly save the publishing industry.  You're welcome.  Unfortunately, the indie bookstores received no help from me.

As many of you know, the publishing industry had a bad week (see Bowen Press' lovely post here), and I've been worried about my friends, wishing the best for them this holiday season.  In response to Black Wednesday and the general economic climate there have been several movements to encourage book-buying for the holidays, such as Books=Gifts.  I decided I would do what I could this season...which, obviously, isn't too much of a stretch given that I'm a librarian and try to give books anyway.  

Long story short, I had all kinds of Big Plans to go into Manhattan today and hit up Books of Wonder and then McNally Jackson.  Didn't happen for a variety of reasons.  So I went to Barnes
 and Noble instead, which is about 2 blocks from my apartment.  I'd feel bad for the indie guys, except that Shelf Awareness keeps reporting on these mom-and-pop places that are actually doing quite strong; it's the big guys that are tanking!  (Also see this hilarious article from Reading Reptile!  Thanks for the link, Sarah!)

So I went on a shopping spree and here was my haul*:

For my niece Nola:
     Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis, illus by Laura Cornell (HarperCollins)
     The Dog Who Belonged to No One by Amy Hest, illus by Amy Bates (Abrams)

For Baby Sellwood (my yet-to-be-born nephew):
     Gallop! by Rufus Butler Seder (Workman)
     Good Night, Sweet Butterflies by Dawn Bentley, illus by Heather Cahoon (Little Simon)

For my nephew Preston:
     Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia (Boxer)

For my niece Olivia:
     Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis, illus by Laura Cornell (HarperCollins)

For my dad (who doesn't read my blog so I'm not spoiling it by sharing here):
     The Last Voyage of Columbus by Martin Dugard (Back Bay)
     So Others May Life: Coast Guard's Rescue Swimmers by Martha LaGuardia-Kotite (Lyons)

For my grandmother-in-law:
     New York Times Large-Print crossword puzzle book

For my brother-in-law:

For my brother:
     Can't share because I think he occasionally read this...but I did buy something for him

For my mother-in-law:
     See above...she got some goodies from B&N as well

For Adam:
    Too many of my friends and family read this!

For Kiddo: 
     One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss (she has been obsessed with this book!)

And naturally I couldn't leave without buying something for myself:
     Anne Taintor 2009 calendar
     Herbs & Spices: the Cook's Reference by Jill Norman (DK)
     The latest issue of La Cucina Italiana

Eat, drink, and READ!

* I've linked to all independent bookstores (Powells and Posman Books).  I may have needed to go Big Store today, but do try to go indie if you're able.

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