Favorite Covers of 2008: Rumors

You didn't expect me to go entirely lee-ter-ah-ture on you, did you?

Rumors by Anna Godbersen (HarperCollins)

I have costuming friends (you know who are you...Lori, Laura, and Gillian) who rag on these covers for not being appropriate for the period, blah, blah, blah.  But when I get 'em in a corner they'll agree with me: they're visually stunning.  My job dropped when I saw this, as it did when I saw the first one.

Now I have to wait just over ONE MONTH until Envy comes out!  Maybe they'll have galleys at ALA Midwinter...hoping, hoping, hoping...  

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Anonymous said...

hey, i appreciate the cover, for i have learned to compartmentalize my costuming obsession and my love for preeeeeeety dresses.