Friday morsels

Sooooo much to tell all of you about but sooooo little time. Here are a few bullet points:

- Nightshade Kittytoes (don't you love that name?!) has an interesting post up about Burger King and nutrition: apparently Burger King subjected villagers in Africa to a taste test between the Whopper and the Big Mac? NK asks for ideas on how to fix the problem. Let's start with significant subsidies for local farmers who sell at local markets. Revamp the FDA, USDA, DofA...it's a big ol' mess and it's high time someone fixed it. Dismantle the whole damn thing and start fresh, I say. Shouldn't bringing our troops home free up some cash?

- You won't believe what the Washington Post is spewing about children's and young adult literature. I thought we were sooo over this, but I guess we have to go there again. I'll save you my own rant and just send you over to Librarilly Blonde.

- What will they think of next? Customizable M&Ms!!! Thanks, Rachel!

- Ramona may finally be turned into a movie. I find her darling in print...I suspect I may want to slap her big-screen incarnation.

- I may be vocal about the fact that I don't bake, but that doesn't stop me from ogling others' delicious confections. My latest food porn is Clotilde's Flourless Poppyseed Cake. The offer is open again, readers: you make this for me, bring it over, and I'll serve you a phenomenal dinner. Wine included.

- Nick Kristof suggests to Obama renaming the Department of Agriculture for "change we can believe in."

- Got blog envy? I know I do. How do these people find the time????

Eat, drink, and finish your holiday shopping!


Maggie said...

I've been eyeing that flourless poppyseed cake too...

Unknown said...

I know, right? It doesn't help that she posts such beautiful photography - you can actually see how moist that cake is!