Cooking: a new adventure every day

A couple months ago, Michael Ruhlman blogged about the reissue of Fernand Point’s Ma Gastronomie. Ruhlman shared some gems from the book, but my favorite quote was actually shared by a commenter: "Every morning the cuisinier must start again at zero, with nothing on the stove. That is what real cuisine is all about.”

This statement entirely sums up my feelings about cooking. Every day is something new, every day could bring a brilliant discovery. I’m never bored: if I’m not trying a new recipe then I’m playing around with an old one. There’s always a new wine/food combo to try. Each season brings different produce and flavors.

On the flip side, with the start of each day, any culinary failures I previously had, any culinary sins I may have committed, are a thing of the past. This just might be the day when I make a successful soufflé. You never know.

Michael Ruhlman* is going to be speaking at the Institute of Culinary Education. Anyone want to go with me?

* I'm enamored with his book The Elements of Cooking. Excellent resource for the novice foodie.

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Ellen said...

I'm game to go with you. When and where?